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Thank you for trusting us to deliver super high-quality, warmed-up roofing leads! We’ve already discussed how we generate, qualify, and warm them up for you, and now we’re ready to get started. We promise to use all our skills to make these the highest closing leads you’ve ever received!

An account manager will be with you shortly to gather information and answer any questions on how to achieve better close rates. In the meantime, if you can get the following ready for your account manager, or even email them to, it will help us get you set up on the network quickly so you are ready when the leads start coming in at the open of the application process.

We also want to prepare and submit your press release so that you are already showcased online when potential customers research your company. This is all part of the magic that makes our leads close significantly higher than others on the market.

With this in mind, we need the following:

  • A current copy of your liability insurance binder
  • If you are bonded, a copy of the bond
  • A copy of your worker’s comp insurance
  • A link to your Sunbiz profile
  • A link to your DBPR profile

If the license holder is not an owner of the company, a paragraph on the role the license holder has in the company and their experience

Also, think of some unique experiences or offerings about your business and a few before and after of  some showcase roofs you have installed. Your account manager will help with this, but this information will be valuable for the press release.

Please send this information as soon as possible. Your account manager will contact you within 24 business hours to get you set up.

Again, we are excited to work with you!